Estate Planning

I believe that the most successful estate planning is done in the context of a close professional relationship with you as my client—one built around excellent mutual communications and a thorough understanding of your situation. I want to be your lawyer for life.

Gaining a clear picture of your values and goals is the first and most important step in the planning process. I will work closely with you and your other advisors at every stage in order to provide a customized estate plan that meets your specific planning challenges. I believe that we should only propose planning solutions that are fully consistent with your family’s culture and incorporate the wisdom of your other advisors. My goal is to enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones, and, if you desire, establish a legacy that will last for generations.

In a continuing effort to assist my clients in protecting their hard-earned property, I offer comprehensive estate planning. It is quite dismaying to find out just how much the government will grab if you do not take appropriate precautions. Like anything else, of course, every situation is unique. The first question I'll tackle is whether you might need a simple will or a living trust.

How to proceed
The first step is to call or e-mail my office to set up an initial consultation. Once we've done that, I will either e-mail or snail mail an easy financial organizer for you to complete prior to our first meeting. It is very thorough and a lot of it might not even apply to you, but that's okay. It will get us started on the right track and help us in deciding whether you need a will or a living trust.